Issue 3: The Worker and The Union
Aug. 18, 2018

Issue 3 of Notes from Below, The Worker and The Union, asks how working class self-organisation is changing today. In the context of the long decline of trade union membership and strike action since the 1980s, this issue investigates the possibility of a rank-and-file revival. What we are interested in here, in class composition terms, is the leap from technical and social recomposition to political recomposition Without such a leap, socialism will remain an abstract utopia in an concretely dystopian world. So, socialist strategy necessitates a serious and clear-headed approach to the issue of recomposition. How likely does it seem? What are its initial outlines? What can we do to to push it forwards? To this end, we are very pleased to present Issue 3 of Notes from Below, The Worker and The Union.

See the editorial for an overview of articles in the issue.

August, 2018