Sai, Carrie, and Nithya sat down to talk about the Fractionals for Fair Play (FFFP) campaign that started in January 2014 at SOAS. The campaign started on a picket line for a UCU pay strike, but developed into a struggle of fractionals (teaching staff with temporary, part-time contracts) that took action independently of the union to win better pay and conditions.


Sai Englert

Sai Englert is a researcher.

Carrie Benjamin

Carrie was a fractional representative for SOAS UCU from 2016-2018, and is a research assistant for the Centre for Migration and Diaspora Studies. She is a member of FFFP. Her research looks at racism, gentrification and public space in France.

Nithya Natarajan

Nithya is a former UCU Executive member at SOAS, University of London, having held the position of Fractional staff representative from 2015-2017. She is also a member of the Fractionals for Fair Play campaign. Alongside this, Nithya is an early career researcher, working on agrarian change, debt bonded labour and ecology. Her research is focused on South India and Cambodia.