This zine was produced by Game Workers Unite for the recent GDC (Game Developers Conference) in San Francisco in March 2018. Following the recent successes with TWC (featured elsewhere in this issue), Game Workers Unite is an exciting prospect for organising within the videogames industry.

There are a range of issues that workers within this industry face, including the prevalence of “crunch” time (the expectation of long hours towards the end of production), precarious contracts, discrimination, and so on.

The zine provides a much needed starting point for organising workers - many of whom have no experience with trade unions previously. It is an accessible introduction, explaining why a union is needed, along with practical steps for organising.

We repost the zine here, with permission from Game Workers Unite, and look forward to more developments from this organising project.


Game Workers Unite (@gameworkers)

Game Workers Unite is an organization that connects pro-union activists, exploited workers, and allies in building a unionized game industry.