The University Worker is a rank-and-file bulletin made by university workers, that has been produced since 2018. This is the second issue of the 2022 strike, for Friday 25th November.

As part of this issue of The University Worker, we have called an open meeting to all rank and file UCU members via Zoom on Monday 28th November @ 7pm. You can register for that call by clicking here.

We encourage workers to share their own reports from the second day of strike action by filling out the form here. You can also join the WhatsApp announcement group for The University Worker by clicking here.

We encourage people to print copies out and hand them out on the picket lines! Below you can find printable pdfs made for both A4 and A3 printing.

For A4, print select ‘booklet’ mode > ‘both sides’ > ‘auto-rotate pages within each sheet’ for a pamphlet style bulletin:

For A3, print double-sided with flip on the edge. Then fold in the middle for a pamphlet style bulletin:

You can read all this bulletin’s articles on our website too. Browse the links below to read:


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