What are the reasons for strike action?

Royal Mail have enforced a 2% pay rise linked to unacceptable changes. They have ignored and side stepped the union and are attempting to reduce our terms and conditions to the rock-bottom standards across the rest of the industry. This includes an end to fixed finish times, lots of work going unpaid, and the present workforce taking on Sunday duties.

How would you describe your strike tactics?

Our workplaces are being picketed, even when management have closed them due to inactivity. That means that both the work sites with staff still working and those without are all picketed. Pickets vary in size but most are very well attended - these are popular actions both within the workforce and the public. The CWU have organised some events around the Royal Mail central offices in London, but so far nothing else more locally around the country. After the first day of strike action, aside from holding the line so far with the majority of union members out, no leverage is clear at this point.

What comes next? What avenues are there for escalation?

We are awaiting moves from union leadership in regards to escalation. The government is no doubt involved here - as they are with the RMT disputes - as they cannot be seen to lose to a big union like the CWU. However, they are likely to take a serious hit if this goes on, so I can see them backing down soon; most likely before the third day of strike action.

How does this strike relate to struggle more widely?

Politically right now we have no representation for working class issues in electoral politics. We must band together in our unions and social organisations. Therefore our strike actions must unite; via wider organising like the Enough is Enough campaign or similar movements.

We should oppose the Tories on their plans around these strikes, and everything else, with an unrelenting level of intensity. Our very future and ability to live relies on building a better world away from their greed and savagery.

Additional Notes from strike report submission

Support all strikers, never cross a picket line and now more than ever, do not lose focus or hope. We are closer to victory than ever before in my lifetime.

If you are a worker who has recently been on strike or will be taking part in one soon, you can submit a strike report here.


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