A game for the inaugural #WorkersGameJam by Dan C. Parkes.

You are the union. Gather people to the cause. Get bigger. Enter the workplace. Gather more people. Get even bigger. Keep doing that until your computer just can’t handle it any more… until the power can’t hold back the union.

Thanks to Jamie, Matt and Novi.

This game is open-source and eatures some building assets from here.


Dan C. Parkes (@dancparkes)

Dan C. Parkes has been working in the games industry for 5 and a half years, across multiple disciplines. Currently working as an audio engineer, Dan’s original passion is music. He recently did all the sound and music for the incredibly cute and innovative catformer, Bubbles The Cat. His most recent passion has been getting involved with the Game Workers Unite movement and he looks forward to seeing GWU UK expand across the country.