Issue 7: Refusal of Work
May 27, 2019

Our new issue is the first to focus on the strategy of the refusal of work and its role in the class struggle. This issue will feature Bill Watson’s class Radical America article “Counter-Planning on the Shop Floor” that views the refusal of work as a new form of working class struggle. We also include excerpts from Jamie Woodcock’s book Working the Phones (Pluto 2016) on everyday forms of refusal of work and Robert Ovetz’s book When Workers Shot Back (Brill 2018) about how invisible committees of workers used the refusal of work to organize a wave of wildcat strikes in the US arms industry during WWI. Lastly, we present a sneak peek at Harry Cleaver’s forthcoming book Thirty-Three Lessons on Capital: Reading Marx Politically (Pluto Press).

Read the introduction here.