Goldsmiths Survey
The survey questions used in the Goldsmiths workers inquiry.

Section 1: Department and Role

  • Which Goldsmiths Department do you teach in?
  • What teaching position do you hold?
  • Do you teach at any other institution while you are teaching at Goldsmiths?

Section 2: Responsibilities

  • What level of students do you teach?
  • Please select any duties that you are expected to fulfil as part of your work, either formally as part of your contract or more informally by request of the course convener, Department Manager or other full-time staff.
  • Do you convene a course?

Section 3: Qualifications

  • Did you have university-level teaching experience prior to this academic year?
  • Do you have qualifications relevant to university-level teaching?

Section 4: Pay

  • Which pay band have you been assigned on your contract?
  • If this is not your first year of teaching at Goldsmiths, has your pay risen since the last academic year?
  • If you taught at university-level elsewhere before starting at Goldsmiths, did you receive an increase in pay reflecting that experience?
  • Are you being paid (i.e. are there assigned hours listed on your contract) for the following tasks?

Section 5: Workload

  • How long do you actually spend each week preparing per course that you teach (including reading relevant texts, taking notes and preparing class materials)?
  • Given the assigned working hours noted on your contract and your estimate of your average workload per course, how would you characterise your compensation?

Section 6: Training and Support

  • Have you had training for this job?
  • If Yes:
    • What training have you received?
    • How many hours?
    • Was it useful?
  • What extra training do you think you need?
  • Would you like to have a manage your managers/know your rights session?
  • Do you know who is supposed to be responsible for you, who is responsible for you, and how are they responsible for you?
  • Is there any assistance to go on to teach other/higher level courses?

Section 7: Observation

  • Have you been observed?
  • If Yes:
    • Who were you observed by?
    • Did you get adequate feedback?

Section 8: Marking

  • Have you had training about how to mark?
  • If you had training about marking what did it involve?
  • What are you marking?
  • Is it moderated?

Section 9: Additional

  • What would make a difference to you in terms of getting better support?
  • What do you think about the union?
  • Are you member of the UCU?
  • Are you aware that you can join for free if you are a student member, or for 2.58 a month if you earn less than 5000, at this web address?
  • What issues do you think the union should work for?

Section 10: Additional continued

  • Do you have a contract?
  • Have you received a copy of your contract?
  • Do you have issues with any of the following:
  • How did you get your teaching?
  • How far in advance were you booked to teach/how much notice were you given before the start of teaching?
  • Finally, are there any other issues or grievances that you would like to raise?