TGIFriday Strike Podcast

A podcast report from the TGIFriday strike in London on 18th May 2018

May 20, 2018

On the 18th of May TGIFriday workers went on strike. Seth Wheeler and Jamie Woodcock went along to talk to workers about the dispute.


Jamie Woodcock

Jamie Woodcock is a researcher and author of Working the Phones. @jamie_woodcock

Seth Wheeler

Seth Wheeler is a PhD student at the University of Royal Holloway; he was a founding member of the communist organisation Plan C and is a member of both the Class Inquiry Group and the IWGB Union. He is currently developing a workers educational project for CAIWU and programming a trade union stream for 2018s ‘The World Transformed’ festival. He helps to run the base union coordination twitter account @BaseUnion and tweets in a personal capacity on @sethnotes. He has just completed a six month arts council funded residency at the Mayday Rooms looking at the history of class composition in the UK.In 2012 he was a contributing editor for Minor Composition’s Occupy Everything. He has contributed to a variety of left wing publications and national newspapers.

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