The making of The University Worker: a podcast on rank-and-file bulletins and the USS dispute

Discussing the Bulletin and the UCU Strike

August 16, 2018

Seth, Lydia, Callum, Jessica, and Jamie sat down to discuss The University Worker. This was a rank-and-file bulletin produced by academic workers during the UCU strike. The podcast covers why Notes from Below helped to produce and host the bulletin, its impact during the strike, and advice for people who want to put together their own workplace bulletin.


Jamie Woodcock

Jamie Woodcock is a researcher. @jamie_woodcock

Seth Wheeler

Seth Wheeler is a PhD student at the University of Royal Holloway; he was a founding member of the communist organisation Plan C and is a member of Notes From Below and the IWGB Union. He is currently developing a workers educational project for CAIWU and programming a trade union stream for 2018s ‘The World Transformed’ festival. Tweets in a personal capacity on @sethnotes.

Lydia Hughes

Lydia Hughes is a trade union organiser. @lydiakathleenh

Callum Cant

Callum Cant is currently writing Working for Deliveroo, forthcoming with Polity Press. He is a PhD student at the University of West London. @CallumCant1

Jessica Thorne

Jessica Thorne was a founding member of the Class Inquiry Group and helped to develop their notion of social composition. She is a Masters research student in History at Royal Holloway, University of London, addressing the histories of Spanish Anarchism and anti-francoist resistance movements in Europe. She tweets in a personal capacity @th0rnenotes and helps to run the Base Union Coordination twitter account @BaseUnion.

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